Numismatics “The Hobby of Kings”

Numismatics is the study of money and the way people and civilization have used it throughout the history. Numismatics is also used to refer the study of collecting coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and related objects.

For centuries, new and old coins are much explored for their intrinsic value and historical significance. The best way for a new and eager Numismatic hobbyist for collecting coins is to start with new coins by current year, mints and denominations.


Some people call it numismatics, others would call it coin collecting. Whatever name you prefer, coins have been collected and cherished for many centuries. There are many ways to start collecting coins but there is no “right” or “wrong” way in collecting coins. Always remember the four “Don’t” to follow in collecting.

  • Don’t Drop
  • Don’t Slide
  • Don’t Wash
  • Don’t Polish

Circulating Coins – The easiest way to start collecting coins is to save the change you receive. Before too long, you will have a wide range of years and mints in your collection.

Uncirculated Coins – When you’re ready to expand your collection, UNC coins are made and sold especially for coin collectors. They are special versions of the circulating designs and come in special packaging that sets them apart from regular coins.

Proof Coins – When it’s time to start looking for serious investment, look for proof coins, which are made of precious metals such as gold or silver. The fewer coins made, the more valuable they are likely to become over time. Unique coins with special shapes, sizes or features will also give them some added value.

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  1. Prashit sen says:

    Hi I am from India and I have some old British India coins and medals and some unique series number notes those I want to sell

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